I currently have two places left
Monday to Friday 6.00am – 7.00pm. From September 2020.

As of the 1st September 2020 I will be dropping off and collecting from
Elmwood Primary School and Pre School

My duties and responsibilities as a Childminder

-To listen to parents as experts on their own children, to respect families’ traditions and childcare practices and to follow parents wishes as closely as possible within the context of caring for children from several different families.
-To plan and provide activities and resources appropriate to each child’s age, stage of development and individual needs & interests.
-To provide a safe environment, in my setting and on outings and to teach children safe practices and to hold a current First Aid Certificate.
-To maintain discipline and encourage positive behaviour.
-To be aware of the signs and symptoms which indicate the possibility of abuse and to be aware of the current procedure for reporting concerns.
-To provide a varied, nutritional menu with due regard to the dietary requirements of each child and current professional recommendations for children’s diets.
-To provide a healthy environment and to encourage children to make healthy choices
-To seek advice from professionals with due regard to confidentiality, including Preschool Leader, schoolteachers, Health Visitor.
-To adhere to the requirements set out by relevant authorities, including Ofsted, Chelmsford Council’s Environmental Health Department, Inland Revenue, the insurance provider(s), and the Fire Officer.
-To comply with legislation such as that covering with health and safety, food hygiene, fire or planning requirements and to keep appropriate records with due regard to confidentiality.
– To follow the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.