First Aid

I currently hold a First Aid Certificates which are OFSTED approved and include paediatric first aid.

A first aid kit is available both inside and outside the setting.
Please bring with you a list of any special requirements or food allergies or intolerance’s if applicable.

Babies and young children are vulnerable to accidents because they have no awareness of danger and cannot control their environment, they are totally dependant on me when they are in my care to make their world safe.
I need to be aware of their safety within my home, when traveling and when out and about. The safety of babies needs particular attention.
I always complete and follow health and safety checklists at all times.

Safety in the Home

My Home has approved smoke alarms, fire blankets, stair gates etc and has been approved and inspected by OFSTED to ensure the safety of children in my care.
I have public liability insurance cover and I have an up-to-date First Aid Certificate, although I will only administer medication or treatment to children if it has been discussed with the parents/guardians and only when prior written consent has been given.
I do not and will not administer physical punishment or any form of punishment with the intention of causing pain, discomfort, or any kind of humiliating or hurtful treatment to any child in my care.
I endorse positive discipline as a more effective way of setting limits for children.

Safety Outside

I have a full drivers license and the appropriate insurance/MOT certificate (all of which can be seen).

Parents / Guardians have to sign a consent form to allow me to transport the children in my car.
My car is insured for Business use.